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Trump: US military 'locked and loaded'

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South African’s united against corruption and state capture

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POSTED ON 2017-09-26 (UPDATED ON 2017-12-01)

The Gupta Investigation

Vote Data
Jean Ward

At the centre of state capture, fraud, bribery, corruption and unethical business practices in SA is the Gupta brothers who became SA citizen’s in a highly controversial, possibly illegal manner.

They have been implicated with the following companies: Rentokil/BAE systems, ZPMC, JJ Trading (JJT), CAJ News, Linkway Trading, Veribo (a PR firm based in Tel Aviv), Bell Pottinger (a PR firm based in the UK), CNET Infosystem (a PR firm based in India), Export Development Canada (EDC), Software AG, ABB, EOH, SAP, CAD House, Denel, KPMG, McKinsey, Transnet, Liebherr-International AG, Shanghai Zhenhua, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Prasa, Swifambo Rail Leasing, VR Laser Asia, Poly Technologies (possibly), Cricket South Africa (possibly), Eskom and Trillian. These are just the companies we know about presently.

PR companies, Bell Pottinger, CNET Infosystem and Veribo have been instrumental in driving the Gupta narrative and agenda. Bell Pottinger has since closed down. On 21 August 2017 I provided information about CNET Infosystem and Veribo to the DA’s national spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme who is currently following up on the role of the two additional PR firms and their activities in South Africa.

As a result of the Gupta’s and the Zuma’s the country has been reduced to junk status and is in recession. Fortunately Advocate and Prosecutor Gerrie "Bulldog" Nel of AfriForum will take on state capture if NPA won't act. In a statement he said: "he won't allow the controversial Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma to get off with state capture scot-free." He has given the NPA three months to take action.

Watch this space, it’s sure to get interesting in the next month or so.


POSTED ON 2017-08-22 (UPDATED ON 2017-09-11)

The CNET Infosystem and Veribo Investigation

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Following some outstanding investigative efforts by journalists, IT specialists and the #GuptaLeaks two further PR firms with links to the Zupta’s have recently been uncovered, namely CNET Infosystem based in India and Veribo based in Israel.

The DA’s national spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme is currently following up on the role of the two additional PR firms and their activities in South Africa. This following a tweet from me last night (21 August 2017) in which I initially asked her if she was aware of the two PR firms, with links to the Zupta’s, and whether the DA was also investigating them as they did with Bell Pottinger.

She asked me to provide her with further information which I subsequently supplied via Twitter.

Twitter Timeline
Twitter Timeline

I trust that there will be adequate evidence in the numerous articles/reports she now has to warrant an investigation and perhaps legal recourse. Let’s wait and see what emerges in the near future.


Veribo, with an office conveniently located in London, was hired by Bell Pottinger to assist with their former Gupta clients. It is alleged that they helped in the creation of the infamous Zupta bots on Twitter. The bots, which repeated tweets, defended the Guptas and attacked journalists.

Veribo, a PR firm loacted in Tel Aviv
Veribo, a PR firm located in Tel Aviv (hired by Bell Pottinger to do work on Zupta campaign)

Veribo’s CEO, Ran Blayer denied that his firm helped to create these bots and insists that they only uploaded content and used publishing tools such as online Pro-Oakbay ads which “shared positive information” which over time assists in improving search engine results. The ads provided links to positive information about the Guptas and their South African businesses.

Blayer has said that his company regrets ever doing work for the Guptas, this after finding out more about their client and what has been “going on in South Africa.”

Veribo also has an interesting past, with apparent ties to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), where members received training in hacking, intelligence gathering, etc.

Veribo may have some revealing information about Bell Pottingers South African Zupta PR campaign.

CNET Infosystem

CNET Infosystem is a PR firm with links to several disinformation websites that promote the "white monopoly capital" (WMC) narrative. The articles, which are poorly written, are made to appear as if they are written by South Africans.

Kapil Garg, CNET Infosystem chief executive and co-founder
Kapil Garg, CNET Infosystem chief executive and co-founder (apparently created fake news sites for the Zupta campaign)

Although evidence points to links, the Guptas have denied any relationship with the firm and CEO, Kapil Garg.


POSTED ON 2017-08-11 (UPDATED ON 2017-12-11)

Trump: US military 'locked and loaded'

Vote Data
Jean Ward

I believe we should keep an eye on this extremely worrying, developing situation between the US and North Korea (and then there is the threat of possible US military action in Venezuela).

Our problems with the Zupta's will be of no importance should a nuclear WWIII break out in Asia. Not only will thousands of lives be lost, but the world economy will probably nose dive too.

Rockwell B-1 Lancer

In all likelihood the US military will use its B-1 bombers, which are currently standing by and awaiting go ahead from Trump, and/or a combination of low yield tactical nuclear weapons to take out North Korea's nuke installations and more conventional missiles to take out artillery positions on the border between North and South Korea.

With everything going exponentially wrong in the world today it feels like we a living in the end-times.

My opinion: I believe US military action is inevitable; usually pre-emptive strikes follow the issuing of warnings. Let's see what North Korea does when US drills with South Korea commence. As it stands, North Korea has given the US a clear choice: "restraint or missile launches."

Trump warns North Korea: US military 'locked and loaded'
President Donald Trump further escalating his rhetorical standoff with North Korea

North Korea's plan to fire missiles at Guam
North Korea's plan to fire missiles at Guam

North Korean Missiles and Ranges
North Korean Missiles and Ranges


POSTED ON 2017-08-07 (UPDATED ON 2017-12-11)

The Zuma Chronicles

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Today, 08 August 2017, marks the day in our history when our democracy broke down:

Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Zuma survived yet another vote of no confidence. This in favour of corruption, fraud and state capture. What is really worrying is that perpetrator's of these offences will now feel vindicated and the situation is going to get worse.

What happened to our demands as civil society, we ultimately pay their salaries? They work for us!

Gordhan did warn that the "don't care attitude" has allowed leaders to act with impunity, here is a clear example of this. For those that did vote for the people of SA, thank you ... the tide is turning.

Zuma, addressing crowds afterwards bragged about how powerful his party is and that it cannot be defeated. He also thanked all those that support him, i.e. all those that support corruption and fraud. The vote was not for regime change, but against you Zuma.

Zuma celebrating corruption and state-capture together with his supporters following the failed vote of no confidence

Well, at least an effort was made to try and steer us away from a ruined state, a banana republic. The Zupta's are laughing at us! This is shameful ... Frankly I'm totally shocked, embarrassed and hurt.

There was a glimmer of hope for our country's democracy following Baleka Mbete granting a secret ballot for the debate on a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

This was a positive development; however many members of parliament put the people of South Africa last.

Perhaps now it's time for a private prosecution?

Zuma is not off the hook yet, he must still face impeachment proceedings in the Constitutional Court on September 5 and we are waiting to hear outcomes of the Supreme Court of Appeal on Zuma’s 783 charges on September 15.


Advocate and Prosecutor Gerrie Nel
Advocate and Prosecutor Gerrie "Bulldog" Nel

My take on White Monopoly Capital (WMC):

Thabo Mbeki, in an interview with Power FM's Given Mkhari, cautioned against the use of the term White Monopoly Capital.

White Monopoly Capital will exist for example if only white people had money in bank accounts, but that's not the case, people of all races have money in bank accounts.

Companies with capital are reluctant to spend it on expansion for example, which in turn would result in additional job's, but because of the current unstable socio-economic and political landscape they hold on to it. So until SA sorts out its political woes we will be stuck with little growth and escalating unempolyment.

Some funny moments to remember:

On a lighter note, here are some video clips that I found amusing.


BBC World Service: Focus on Africa: Duduzane Zuma interview

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Today the BBC World Service interviewed Duduzane Zuma in their Focus on Africa programme.

Take a listen; professional coaching at play? Zuma’s answers and reactions seem too perfect and most likely were rehearsed.

Duduzane Zuma

BBC World Service: Focus on Africa: Duduzane Zuma Interview
Original source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w172vg345gfx661

Audio Spectrum Bars


POSTED ON 2017-08-03 (UPDATED ON 2017-09-26)

The Bell Pottinger Investigation

Vote Data
Jean Ward

James Henderson, Bell Pottinger CEO interview on BBC Radio 4:

Following is the complete four part radio programme aired on BBC Radio 4 from 01 to 04 August 2017.

Included in Part 1, an interview with Lord Bell, in which he elaborates about his impressions around the Gupta's and the PR campaign as well as an interview with James Henderson, Bell Pottinger CEO.

In Part 3 we here Atul Gupta and in Part 4 Lord Bell and James Herderson.

James Henderson, Bell Pottinger CEO

BBC Radio 4: World At One: James Henderson, Bell Pottinger CEO Interview
The British PR firm’s role in South African politics - Part 1
Original source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05b8njy

Audio Spectrum Bars

Bell Pottinger

BBC Radio 4: World At One: James Henderson, Bell Pottinger CEO Interview
The British PR firm’s role in South African politics - Part 2
Original source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05bc2yp

Audio Spectrum Bars

Atul Gupta

BBC Radio 4: World At One: Atul Gupta Interview
The British PR firm’s role in South African politics - Part 3
Original source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05bffmt

Audio Spectrum Bars

Lord Tim Bell

BBC Radio 4: World At One: Lord Bell, James Henderson Interview
The British PR firm’s role in South African politics - Part 4
Original source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05bjjqk

Audio Spectrum Bars

My take: The DA and various civil society groups have demanded Bell Pottinger pay back the money they made from the Gupta campaign. James Henderson's comment that it's not about paying back the money, but about the money they have lost is worrying. They are pleading poverty and I don't think we will get back a cent from the PR firm. They also recon they underestimated just how sensitive political issues in SA are. James, it does not matter, you interfered in our countries affairs and you need to undo the harm you have caused and you need to pay back the money. Your company’s reputation is ruined and you need to act now.

About Bell Pottinger and what they did (funny and informative):

First there was Bell Pottinger (located in the UK), then came CNET Infosystem (located in India) now Veribo (located in Tel Aviv), another PR Firm linked to the Zupta's and Bell Pottinger.

Veribo, a PR firm loacted in Tel Aviv
Veribo, a PR firm located in Tel Aviv (hired by Bell Pottinger to do work on Zupta campaign)

eNCA correspondent Natalie Powell on PRCA's Bell Pottinger decision (2017-08-24):

The news that the PRCA is upholding the DA's complaint against Bell Pottinger is very heart-warming. It's reassuring to know that the wheels of justice still grind away.

Bell Pottinger we still demand a full account of what you did for the Zupta's, i.e. a detailed report as well as all the money earned to be returned to the people of South Africa.

Related news can be found here.


Inside the Bell Pottinger Fake News Propaganda Machine

Vote Data
Jean Ward

The Times together with the African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR) has compiled a report which reveals the size and scope of the UK PR firm Bell Pottinger’s role in the construction of the Gupta propaganda campaign to hide the family’s enrichment at the expense of South African citizens and taxpayers.

The propaganda campaign is the first large-scale fake news propaganda war in South Africa and it has adversely affected the country’s politics and economy.

Bell Pottinger Fake News Network

Following a complaint by the Democratic Alliance (DA, the Public Relations and Communication Association (PRCA) in the UK has investigated the matter and a final decision on Bell Pottinger’s future will be made on Tuesday, 5 September 2017.

In the meantime, Bell Pottinger CEO and major shareholder James Henderson resigned over the weekend. He had promised the Democratic Alliance (DA) a full report detailing their role in the Gupta propaganda campaign by the end of August 2017, however has failed to do so.

Inside the #GuptaFakeNewsEmpire

Following are six articles produced by The Times together with the African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR):

"It could be the end of Bell Pottinger"

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Last night Bruce Whitfield, Talk Radio 702, interviewed the former Chairperson at Bell Pottinger Lord Tim Bell and the DA’s Phumzile van Damme following the PRCA's sanction to terminate Bell Pottinger's membership to the association for a minimum of five years to get their take on the latest development (original audio quality poor).

Also, three video clips covering the implications of and the fallout of PRCA's ruling as well as Bell Pottinger's future prospects.

Lord Timothy Bell

Talk Radio 702: The Money Show: Lord Timothy Bell and DA’s Phumzile van Damme Interview
"It could be the end of Bell Pottinger"
Original source: https://omny.fm/shows/the-money-show/i-t-could-be-the-end-of-bell-pottinger-lord-timoth

Audio Spectrum Bars

Lord Timothy Bell's own PR disaster (cell phone rings twice on-set)

The implications of the PRCA ruling

The fall-out following the PRCA’s ruling and Bell Pottinger's future

POSTED ON 2017-07-07 (UPDATED ON 2017-08-09)

"Radical Positive Transformation"

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Yesterday, Bell Pottinger Chief Executive James Henderson apologised for the harm their company did to us South African's through their dealings with the Gupta family and Oakbay Investments: “We have good, decent people who will be as angered by what has been discovered as we are. We wish to issue a full, unequivocal and absolute apology to anyone impacted. These activities should never have been undertaken. We are deeply sorry that this happened.”

“... unequivocal and absolute apology to anyone impacted,” James, just to get it right, EVERYONE in SA has been impacted. Your apology is a good start but it’s not good enough. Your company’s interference in our affairs has left a deep scar in our lives; terms like “White Monopoly Capital” and “Radical Economic Transformation” have led to hatred and deep divisions in our society. Also, the fraud and corruption associated with your interference has severely impacted our economy; with Junk Status, recession and record high unemployment we are all suffering financially. Just an apology does not undo any of this.

For us to take your apology seriously we demand the following, as a PR firm I'm sure you understand why:

  • That ALL the money you made through dealings with the Zupta’s be returned to the people of South Africa in the form of housing for the poor, financial support for charities and developing young entrepreneurs to name a few; PS: this includes ALL the bribe money Geoghegan and her team received (the mere fact that the Gupta’s made "cash pay-outs" to prevent their stories from becoming public is enough to infer they pay bribes);
  • Full transparency, full disclosure and a detailed report of exactly what Geoghegan, her team and the Zupta’s have done so that we can try to prevent any further damage;
  • That ALL the guilty parties at Bell Pottinger implicated be held accountable and face justice;
  • Present a Strategy and Itemised Action List you are going to follow, at no financial cost to us, to undo the harm and damage caused, a quick fix won't work;
  • Never have any further business dealings of any kind with us ever again in future (I'm sure your previous campaigns in SA have been above board, this particular campaign is an epic fail).

I believe the evil, manipulative Victoria Geoghegan and three of her colleagues have been fired. My concern with the firing of Geoghegan and her team is that they will not be charged for their actions and won’t be brought to book.

This crucial break-through by the DA proves that the recent leaked Gupta e-mails are legitimate and even the defiant Zupta's can’t brush them off as fake or manufactured any longer. Hopefully this is the start of many more revelations into details and names of people associated with State Capture, etc.

The next steps will be:

  • To charge and bring to book ALL parties implicated, be they local and/or international;
  • Bell Pottinger to provide a Detailed Report of exactly what the Zupta’s and Geoghegan and her team have done so that we can try to prevent any further damage;
  • Bell Pottinger to pay back all the money made through dealings with the Zupta’s, including all the bribe money Geoghegan and her team received;
  • Bell Pottinger to provide a Strategy and Itemised Action List they are going to follow, at no financial cost to us, to undo the harm and damage caused, no quick fix;
  • For the SA government to revoke the Gupta’s SA citizenship and order them to return to their country;
  • To fire and charge Zuma with corruption/treason.

Well done team DA, keep up the pressure and good work!

This break-through by the DA is, what I like to call, the dawn of “Radical Positive Transformation.”

Friday 14 July 2017, DA Abroad and UK-based South Africans picket outside PR agency, Bell Pottinger, London
Friday 14 July 2017, DA Abroad and UK-based South Africans picket outside PR agency, Bell Pottinger, London

Keep up to date with all of the latest Bell Pottinger news here:
Articles relating to Bell Pottinger

Molefe, Zuma and Gupta - The Bell Pottinger Effect!
Molefe, Zuma and Gupta - The Bell Pottinger Effect!

Here is my e-mail I sent to James Henderson, Chief Executive on 7 July 2017:

Subject: Apology to citizens of SA (follow up)
From: Jean Ward (e-mail address removed)
To: info@bellpottinger.com
Reply-To: Jean Ward (e-mail address removed)
Date: 2017-07-07 04:16 PM

Good afternoon,

This e-mail is addressed to Mr. James Henderson, Chief Executive:


Thank you for your recent apology, however for us to take the apology seriously we demand the following, as leader of a PR firm I'm sure you understand why:

  • That ALL the money made through dealings with the Zupta's be returned to the people of South Africa in the form of housing for the poor, financial support for charities and developing young entrepreneurs to name a few; PS: this includes ALL the bribe money Geoghegan and her team received (the mere fact that the Gupta's made "cash pay-outs" to prevent their stories from becoming public is enough to infer they pay bribes);
  • Full transparency, full disclosure and a detailed report of exactly what Geoghegan, her team and the Zupta's have done so that we can try to prevent any further damage;
  • That ALL the guilty parties at Bell Pottinger implicated be held accountable and face justice;
  • Present a Strategy and Itemized Action List you are going to follow, at no financial cost to us, to undo the harm and damage caused, a quick fix won't work;
  • Never have any further business dealings of any kind with us ever again in future (I'm sure your previous campaigns in SA have been above board, this particular campaign is an epic fail).

The BLF again today threatened to kill white people, including some black people, even after the court ruled that they desist in their rhetoric!

Thank you

Jean Ward
A concerned SA Citizen

Multi-media archive:

Bell Pottinger apparently commissioned the production of the video interview below to try to deceive us:

The video below shows how cunning Bell Pottinger is, they cannot be trusted:

At last the Bell Pottinger scandal has air-time on UK TV news:

About Bell Pottinger and what they did (funny and informative):


COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-07-13 (UPDATED ON 2017-10-31)
"Radical Positive Transformation" progress update

Vote Data
Jean Ward

For reassurance that action is being taken and that things are changing for the better I think it’s important to track the progress being made with having the Zupta’s face justice for their actions that destroyed this country.

Bell Pottinger, in their failed campaign to divide and concur SA, created the terms "White Monopoly Capital" and "Radical Economic Transformation," the term “Radical Positive Transformation” will hence forth be used

Each step towards Radical Positive Transformation will contribute to undoing the severe harm that has been done to each one of us.

Important: As of today, 26 September 2017, I will no longer be updating this post. From the trend in the articles below I’m reasonably satisfied that "Radical Positive Transformation" is being addressed and is taking place; a bit slow at times, but justice is being served. I will however continue updating the relevant posts above. After all we want to know what’s happening with the Zuma, Gupta, Eskom and Bell Pottinger investigations, amongst others.

South Africa: 180 | Corruption/State Capture: (-)157

News that reflects positive change/progress and that adds to the SA tally above:

  1. Bell Pottinger fallout continues as Geoghegan’s father quits UK firm
  2. LIVE: AfriForum wants relief over Grace Mugabe 'assault'
  3. Sasfin drops KPMG after 18 years over Gupta and SARS saga
  4. Home affairs DG Mkuseli Apleni suspended
  5. McKinsey faces legal action over Gupta-linked Eskom saga
  6. Gordhan: I was never guilty of anything
  7. Makhosi Khoza to boycott disciplinary proceedings
  8. KPMG SA CEO, 7 others quit on #GuptaLeaks, SARS rogue unit fallout
  9. Zuma, DA to battle in SCA over spy tapes saga
  10. Corruption Watch: Mckinsey Gupta relationship must be exposed
  11. 'Why does he have a problem with Chief Justice appointing judge' - DA vs Zuma
  12. PR company Bell Pottinger will go into administration tomorrow with 270 employees set to lose their jobs (they won't be paying back the money: "About 20 partners who face a collective tax bill of £700,000 that they thought had been settled by the company")
  13. Eskom: We will sign renewable deal
  14. BLSA wants details on Hawks investigation against Gordhan
  15. UK government condemns Bell Pottinger for damaging its reputation in SA (as well as a call for UK to probe banks over Zuma and Guptas)
  16. KPMG suffers another blow on #GuptaLeaks fallout
  17. UK's House of Lords questions Bell Pottinger's conduct
  18. Bell Pottinger considers selling as pressure mounts
  19. Investors dump Bell Pottinger amid SA scandal
  20. PR body, opposition parties welcome Bell Pottinger's expulsion
  21. Mugabe must stop attacking Madiba's legacy - Mantashe
  22. ConCourt expected to hear application for Zuma's impeachment
  23. Bell Pottinger is not off the hook just yet – DA ("The DA is exploring further steps that can be taken to force full disclosure")
  24. Bell Pottinger founder speaks out as firm expelled from UK body
  25. Bell Pottinger not the only transgressors (this sanction is only the tip of the iceberg)
  26. BREAKING: Bell Pottinger expelled from PR body for Gupta work (although the PRCA terminated Bell Pottinger's membership for a minimum of 5 years we still demand restitution; ah well, I guess justice was served after all; I respect the PRCA's sanction)
  27. Pay back the money – DA after Bell Pottinger CEO’s resignation
  28. Bell Pottinger CEO resigns (good on you James, this however does not clear your firms name, we want full disclosure, our money back and your doors closed!)
  29. Outa opens case against Denel's Mantsha for paving way for Gupta family
  30. Hawks refute Duduzane Zuma's claim of exoneration in state capture probe
  31. Eskom board given 48 hours to explain Trillian payments
  32. Duduzane Zuma Must Explain His Role In State Capture, Not Write Letters - SaveSA
  33. OUTA lays charges against suspended Eskom CFO Anoj Singh
  34. Zuma to meet his critics in SACP
  35. Cope demands ANC recall Nkoana Mshabana over Madiba comments
  36. FIC fines bank that helped Guptas buy mine – report
  37. Zuma is hopeless, corrupt and rotten to the core
  38. DA goes to ConCourt to have Mugabe immunity set aside
  39. Afriforum: Criminal action can be taken on person in foreign country
  40. Afriforum: Minister misinterpreted law in Grace Mugabe immunity
  41. To Say South Africans Are Overjoyed At The Ruling Against Bell Pottinger Is An Understatement
  42. Guptas may have to answer to the United Kingdom for alleged money laundering
  43. DA wants 'strong sanction' against Guptas' former PR firm Bell Pottinger (pay back the money!)
  44. BREAKING: Bell Pottinger said to have breached code on Guptas
  45. MPs ready to probe state capture allegations involving Zwane
  46. AfriForum asks court to set aside Grace Mugabe's diplomatic immunity
  47. Nkoana Mashabane to appear in Parly to explain Grace Mugabe immunity decision (pay back the bribe as well)
  48. Gordhan calls for urgency on state capture probe as Guptas dump assets (Steve Swart ACDP: "there’s no reason why SA law enforcement agencies can’t act immediately and freeze the assets of the Gupta family")
  49. KPMG’s questionable behaviour goes beyond Gupta companies (Linkway Trading, the company alleged to be involved in the Gupta wedding scandal being investigated)
  50. Zuma should face ANC inquiry - Sisulu
  51. Afriforum: SA govt complicit in crime against Gabriella Engels (Afriforum: "Our legal team is not just going to leave it at that")
  52. 'Incompetent' Faith Muthambi 'tried to mislead Parliament' - report
  53. DA demands Parly inquiry into decision to grant Mugabe immunity
  54. President Mugabe owes Engels an apology - Madonsela
  55. DA now awaits ruling of Bell Pottinger disciplinary hearing
  56. Gerrie Nel: AfriForum will take on state capture if NPA won't act ("won't allow the controversial Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma to get off with state capture scott-free")
  57. DA prepares to take on Bell Pottinger
  58. UK PR heavyweight urges: Let’s push Bell Pottinger over cliff – or it’ll sink us all
  59. Afriforum gives NPA 3 months to prosecute Grace Mugabe
  60. Afriforum: Engels family rejected cash offer to stop case against Grace Mugabe (the days of bribery, corruption and fraud are over!!! No more acting with impunity!!!)
  61. Eskom appoints firm to investigate irregularities
  62. Obama's Beautiful Charlottesville Tweet Is Most Liked Ever
  63. Secret ballot was beyond reproach - Parliament
  64. 'Muthambi must pay for collapsed parly meeting out of her own purse'
  65. Eskom mum on alleged suspension of senior execs
  66. MPs Who Snubbed Makhosi Khoza's Parly Meeting Will Be Disciplined - Jackson Mthembu
  67. Public Protector told to reflect on conduct in scathing judgment
  68. Casac: Mbete must protect ANC MPs who voted against Zuma
  69. Cosatu: Zuma the source of all problems within ANC
  70. Public Protector's remedial action to change SARB mandate set aside (Public Protector ordered to pay the costs)
  71. Gerrie Nel studying Gupta Leaks (yes, the bestest news ever!)
  72. Outa urges NPA to act tough on state capture given evidence at its disposal
  73. Khoza: Vote of no confidence was the day the ANC's moral pulse was extinguished
  74. 'It's far from over, Mister President'
  75. SACP to celebrate 96th anniversary, but Zuma's not invited
  76. We want our money back, Ramaphosa warns state looters
  77. KPMG CEO: We should have bailed on Guptas sooner
  78. Eskom's 'secret business info' will reveal transgressions - OUTA
  79. We can't be a nation of fraudsters or corrupt people
  80. DA calls for dissolution of parliament
  81. Private prosecutions unit headed by Gerrie Nel has two cases in its sights
  82. Vote to keep Zuma in power a vote for corruption - OUTA
  83. Secret ballot: Will Zuma be voted out?
  84. Full statement: No member may suffer harm if they follow their conscience - Mbete
  85. Rand rallies on surprise secret vote call on Zuma
  86. UPDATED: Four SAA executives to be investigated for corruption allegations
  87. DA gives Mbete ultimatum on secret ballot decision
  88. We are ready for marches ahead of no confidence debate
  89. #GuptaLeaks: Brown should step down to protect her name
  90. Bell Potts tokenism not enough, should be shut down – CEO Liliesleaf
  91. Outa lays charges against Gupta brothers Duduzane Zuma
  92. Opposition parties discussing SA's future without Zuma
  93. Security bolstered for The Gathering media conference (BLF members barred from entering venue)
  94. Sanef launch application to have BLF's Andile Mngxitama jailed for three months
  95. UPDATE: Rights commission unmoved by Edward Zuma apology
  96. President Zuma's son Edward apologises for Gordhan, Hanekom remarks
  97. DA petition urges Ramaphosa, ANC MPs to vote against Zuma
  98. Unmasking the enablers of state capture
  99. Brown asks PA to resign in wake of GuptaLeaks claims (what about your DG and personal friend?)
  100. Kganyago: SA economy not growing, global conditions not to blame (we all know the Zupta's are to blame)
  101. Afriforum lays incitement to trespass charge against Malema
  102. This is what will happen if the motion of no confidence vote succeeds
  103. DA exploring criminal charges against Gwede Mantashe
  104. Public Protector in 'serious error' about SARB's role - counsel
  105. SABC interim board going after Motsoeneng and Aguma's pensions
  106. Former Prasa CFO must pay back R8.22m
  107. Energy Minister suspends Central Energy Fund board, including acting CEO and CFO
  108. Thuli Madonsela: Ordinary people need to get involved in fighting state capture
  109. Movement against state capture launched today (Future SA urges MP's to vote against zuma)
  110. Treasury report into Tegeta urges: Probe Gupta allies
  111. Muthambi must be summoned to explain 30-member trip report - DA
  112. DA wants Shaik placed on proper parole
  113. Civil society mobilises to end Zuma presidency
  114. Malema adamant Zuma won't see the end of his term
  115. 'Stop using Bell Pottinger' - Maimane to PR firm's clients
  116. Kodwa censures Edward Zuma for 'un-ANC' behaviour
  117. KPMG disappointed after Sygnia terminates its services (Sygnia fires KPMG over its alleged role in state capture)
  118. OUTA lays criminal charges against Public Enterprises DG
  119. EFF 'turning Zuma's backyard upside down' - Malema
  120. amaBhungane considering legal action against BLF
  121. Eskom confirms CFO placed on special leave amid investigation
  122. 'I will still vote for Zuma to go' - ANC MP Gungubele
  123. Open Bell Pottinger disciplinary to public, DA urges (Bell Pottinger refuses)
  124. State capture inquiry parly owes it to people of SA to bring in experts
  125. Gupta-leaks.com: Everything you ever need to know about #GuptaLeaks in one place
  126. #GuptaLeaks: Let's hear it for the good guys (Well done!)
  127. Noose tightens as Bank of Baroda drops Guptas - report
  128. Outa: There 's evidence 2008 and 2014 load shedding self-inflicted
  129. Gordhan says don 't care attitude has allowed leaders to act with impunity
  130. Eskom probe: Zuma must appear before inquiry, urges EFF
  131. Duduzane Zuma, Ajay Gupta to testify at Eskom inquiry
  132. DA files application to intervene in EFF's case to impeach Zuma - believes it can provide new evidence that can assist court
  133. Parliament urged to put Eskom's finances under microscope when inquiry starts
  134. Minister Brown supports Hawks probe into state capture
  135. State capture extends beyond SOE's SACC tells MP's
  136. Parly probe into Eskom to include state capture claims at Transnet Denel
  137. Minister Zwane accused of high treason over dealings with the Guptas
  138. OUTA lays treason charges against Faith Muthambi
  139. Public Protector to probe Brian Molefe's pension payout
  140. World’s largest independent oil trader ditches Gupta deal
  141. Firms snub Oakbay, forcing it to officially delist from JSE
  142. DA to take legal action against SAP, Gupta-linked CAD House
  143. No confidence vote: Email Baleka Mbete
  144. Locals band together to shut down Gupta-linked web platforms
  145. South Africans 'force' Bell Pottinger to lock Twitter account
  146. Jim Armitage: Bell Pottinger chief will pay the price for becoming the story
  147. Maimane vows justice over Gupta Vrede dairy farm project (much of the money was used to pay for their Sun City wedding)
  148. SAP suspends SA execs over ‘R100m kickbacks’ for Gupta front
  149. Malema unleashes wrath at the country’s state of affairs - writing to the government of Canada, China and the United States of America
  150. Bell Pottinger called to account by UK's PR authority (Excellent news!)
  151. Hand over all your info on Guptas - lawyer's letter to Bell Pottinger
  152. Prasa on track to recoup R2.6bn for 2013 irregular locomotive tender
  153. Acting Eskom CEO Dladla requests review into Trillian transactions
  154. Charges to be laid against Eskom's Anoj Singh
  155. EFF threatens Mbete with court action if she rejects secret ballot
  156. #GuptaLeaks: Exposed: How the Guptas picked up MK vets' conference tab
  157. Makhosi Khoza: We Are Officially In A Dictatorship
  158. The almighty dollar – A #GuptaLeaks game-changer?
  159. Mining minister suspends implementing new mining charter
  160. Sanef welcomes BLF compliance with court order
  161. Bell Pottinger dodges protest
  162. DA to hand over list of demands to Bell Pottinger
  163. OUTA claims Indian banks gave Guptas inflated bonds on properties
  164. Prasa welcomes judgment against Swifambo Rail
  165. Lord Bell says PR firm ignored Gupta warning, CEO hits back – report
  166. Around the world in 11 days with high-flying Guptas
  167. Bell Pottinger to release full report on Oakbay dealings
  168. No such thing as white monopoly capital – ANC Gauteng
  169. DA welcomes Bell Pottinger apology but says complaints still stand
  170. Gupta e-mail leaks (thanks to Scorpio and amaBhungane who exposed the leaked e-mails, this is where it all started. Scorpio is the Daily Maverick’s new investigative unit and amaBhungane the Centre for Investigative Journalism)

Thabo Mbeki on White Monopoly Capital (WMC):

Gordhan: #GuptaLeaks confirm scale of corruption in SA:

What's happening in Zuma's South Africa? | CNBC Explains:

The EFF vs The Guptas. A Compilation Watch It All:

Keep up the pressure, well done!:

Can we repair the damage caused by the Bell Pottinger scandal?:

News that reflects negatively and that subtracts from the Corruption/State Capture tally above:

  1. KPMG International chair apologises to SA (pay back the R100B plus that was stollen from us)
  2. ANC MP apologises for attending SARS briefing
  3. #GuptaLeaks: A third Gupta-Transnet ‘kickback’ contract unearthed
  4. ANC condemns Johann Rupert's comment on radical economic transformation
  5. NPA, Zuma's legal team agree decision to withdraw criminal charges irrational
  6. Gupta mine is hell, say workers as they prepare to march
  7. How consultants ripped R1.6bn from Eskom – and planned to take R7.8bn more
  8. Exclusive: Moyane accused of lying under oath about Gordhan
  9. Duduzane Zuma sells Oakbay shares plans to donate proceeds (too late ...)
  10. Why did Mkhwebane meet with presidency prior to release of Bankorp report (busted!)
  11. Exclusive: Scathing internal Eskom report slams board inaction
  12. Cele: Plot against Ramaphosa meant to destabilise SA
  13. Dlamini-Zuma cannot be reduced to just the Zuma family - Mantashe
  14. Bell Pottinger could go into administration as attempt to sell crisis-riven firm fails (as I predicted, they are probably going to plead poverty and won't pay back the money)
  15. Gupta firms in desperate fight to keep Baroda accounts open
  16. SA's radical economic transformation policy could turn off investors - Moody's (when is the government going to stop this destructive behaviour?)
  17. WATCH: Mugabe says Mantashe 'stupidly' reacted to his remarks about Mandela (okay Bob, that's enough now!)
  18. CAJ News ‘takes action’ over #GuptaLeaks amid Bell Pottinger sale
  19. ANC uses Parly majority to approve SABC board nominees
  20. Zanu-PF 'tight-lipped' after Mantashe's call on Mugabe to stop attacking Mandela
  21. #GuptaLeaks: Anoj Singh allowed Gupta's access to billions of public money
  22. #GuptaLeaks: How Anoj Singh sang for his supper
  23. State should nationalise SARB if it can afford to, parly hears (here we go again!)
  24. Gupta-Owned Company VR Laser Battles To Pay Employees On Time And Workers Fear The Worst
  25. Mugabe: Mandela 'forgot why he was in jail… that's why everything in SA is in whites' hands'
  26. The Full Report Into Bell Pottinger's Oakbay Account (addresses internal problems only, no mention of restitutions towards us, this is unacceptable)
  27. SCORPIO: In the non-surprise of the year, WMCLEAKS.com smear campaign tracked to a Gupta associate
  28. Why ANC, SACP meeting was cancelled
  29. Bell Pottinger appeals PR ruling over stoking racial hatred in SA (pay back the money and close your doors!)
  30. Malusi Gigaba Moves On Pravin Gordhan's People At Treasury
  31. 8 things President Zuma didn't do, doesn't know, couldn't say
  32. EXCLUSIVE: Guptas, guests enjoyed VIP police protection
  33. Mugabe's lies about Mandela and our shocking lack of response
  34. Manyi: Is it because I'm black? (No, it's because Oakbay is still directly involved, i.e. financing)
  35. Hawks seeks affidavit from Manuel over SARS unit (more diversion tactics)
  36. Solidarity march, rally for Grace Mugabe on today after SA assault scandal
  37. Businesses must embrace change to play their part to reverse poverty in SA (leave business alone, you guys have messed everything else up!)
  38. Follow your conscience and resign - Mokonyane to ANC MPs who voted against Zuma
  39. NDZ 'offended' by claims of her aiming to protect Zuma from prosecution
  40. Air force forks out R25m for private Zuma jet rental
  41. Gordhan a conspiracy theorist, Duduzane Zuma purportedly says in open letter
  42. Eskom comes clean on Trillian lie
  43. Hanekom: Zuma Reluctant To Appoint Probe Into State Capture
  44. Eskom tenders contracted to losing bidders
  45. BLF's Andile Mngxitama faces legal action over Holocaust tweet
  46. Exclusive: Gigaba Sidestepped Doing Any Consultation On R7.8 Billion Bailout Plan For SAA, Shows Cabinet Memo
  47. Zuma’s bodyguard in chief now acting head of crime intelligence (submitted fake matric certificate before appointed head VIP protection services)
  48. Unclear whether 72 'Gupta transactions' are being investigated
  49. ANC congratulates Manyi's Lodidox after ANN7 and The New Age purchase (ANC's propaganda machines)
  50. White people must not be afraid of radical economic transformation
  51. ANC urges swift action after top judge robbed (what about all the other crimes in SA?)
  52. BREAKING: #GuptaLeaks: Tegeta buyer previously fronted for Guptas, emails show
  53. Selling R14.4bn Telkom stake for SAA not a done deal - Gigaba spokesperson (no way ... sort out the corruption)
  54. BREAKING: Guptas sell Tegeta to Swiss owner (definitely seems they are preparing to run)
  55. #GuptaLeaks: Questions surround Guptas’ minimal tax returns (earned less than a million a year, yeah right!)
  56. Eskom can now pursue R60bn in tariff hikes (this cannot be allowed, what about all the money they have stollen?)
  57. Luthuli House to be auctioned over R25m debt? ("Despite the lawful demand, the defendant (ANC) has failed to or neglected to pay")
  58. Zwane: Gupta Leaks a dark cloud hanging over SA
  59. Diplomatic immunity for Grace Mugabe warranted - Nkoana-Mashabane (the government is looking out for its best interests and not the people of SA ... again!)
  60. Guptas sell ANN7 and The New Age to Mzwanele Manyi (hmmmm ... getting ready to run?)
  61. Gordhan-Oakbay ruling confirms 'sanctity' of client-bank relationships - BASA
  62. Grace Mugabe assault probe halted - SAPS
  63. 'Heartbroken, disappointed' Manana apologises to nation (resigning a good step, but resign post as MP as well!)
  64. Guptas sue Bank of Baroda in attempt to stop account closures
  65. Yet Another Israeli Big Data Success-in-the-Making (Veribo features in the disturbing article)
  66. ANC removes Makhosi Khoza as chair of parly committee (fire your whole party)
  67. Lack of funding may be ploy to hamper Eskom state capture probe - MPs
  68. Mark Pamensky speaks out on charges linked to Guptas, Eskom
  69. Moody’s lists 7 key events as it frets over SA’s institutional strength
  70. Mantashe says there won't be a witch hunt (but ...)
  71. Guptas said to have found alternative after Bank of Baroda snub
  72. Magashule: Guptas can't be blamed for ANC's issues
  73. The NPA says leaked Gupta emails CAN be used as evidence in state capture probe (changed your minds when you heard Gerrie Nel was investigating?)
  74. Zim will stand by Zuma, no matter what South Africans say about him, says Mugabe
  75. EXCLUSIVE: Guptas' blue lights mystery solved through #GuptaLeaks
  76. #GuptaLeaks: Why NPA won't act (time for a private prosecution)
  77. Zuma reminds religious leaders of responsibilities (it is your responsibility to step down and face justice)
  78. The revolution is under attack - Zuma (you are under 'attack' Zuma)
  79. ANC MPs who voted against Zuma must resign - Magashule
  80. Our country's economy is in the hands of a few white people - Jeff Radebe
  81. Dlamini-Zuma lashes out at anti-Zuma dissenting MPs
  82. KZN ANCYL wants MPs who voted for Zuma to go to face disciplinary action
  83. August 8 put the ANC in disrepute - Zuma
  84. Mkhize: DAa will try different tactics to destroy ANC (it's not about regime change, it's about Zuma ... when are you guys going to get it?)
  85. No joking matter: Hanekom calls out Mbalula over lie detector tweet
  86. #GuptaLeaks: How Ajay Gupta was trusted with crafting SA’s global image
  87. South Africa's economy simply cannot afford the destructive ANC for two more years
  88. Markets want to see Zuma exit the presidency - economist
  89. BREAKING: Zuma survives vote of no confidence
  90. Rand leads world currency losses as Zuma survives ouster vote
  91. #ZumaVote: Mantashe issues final warning to ANC MPs
  92. Veribo - 3rd PR firm sub-contracted by Bell Pottinger to promote the Gupta family
  93. BLF considering appealing contempt of court ruling
  94. Secret vote or not, Zuma will still be President by end of tomorrow - ANCYL (that remains to be seen)
  95. 'Do you have friends' in white monopoly capital? - Zuma lambasts SACP
  96. MKMCA: ANC leaders must make sure party MPs toe the line
  97. Interfaith council condemns anti-Zuma marches as coup
  98. Claim of Zuma family foul play regarding SA's digital migration
  99. Were Eskom cleaning contracts rigged?
  100. Bell Pottinger team believed in the Guptas - CEO
  101. DA disappointed Mbete failed to meet deadline on secret vote (this is going back to the court's - watch)
  102. Gigaba: Failure to suspend Singh would've plunged SA into financial crisis (we are already in a crisis - smoke screening)
  103. Gigaba directs Treasury to conduct forensic probe into Tegeta report (nothing will come of it - smoke screening)
  104. Voting Zuma out like 'throwing a nuclear bomb' at SA - Mthembu
  105. SACP: Our members will back Zuma in no confidence motion
  106. How Bell Pottinger isn't sorry anymore
  107. Moyane denies allegations of meeting with Gupta family
  108. Atul Gupta: Ramaphosa misinformed on family's role in state capture
  109. "SA may have lost R100bn from State Capture" Gordhan unleashes at CPT conference
  110. #GuptaLeaks: Canada Govt bankrolled purchase of Guptas' private jet
  111. The Guptas claim they were victims of monopoly capital (sure, you have R100B plus of our money)
  112. Opposition MPs must also vote according to conscience - ANC (epic fail)
  113. BLF left The Gathering in a car owned by Brian Molefe
  114. They are scared of BLF (you were barred because you continually disregard a court order)
  115. 'I have so much money I couldn't spend it all' Atul Gupta bragged to Bell Pottinger (R100B plus of our money)
  116. Bell Pottinger denies trying to stir racial tensions in SA on behalf of the Guptas
  117. Bell Pottinger CEO: We made no money from Gupta campaign (what type of business provides PR services for free?)
  118. #GuptaLeaks: How the family encircled Lynne Brown
  119. DA: Baleka Mbete's silence on secret ballot reckless
  120. Atul Gupta: Leaked state capture emails are 'not authentic'
  121. SA should consider help from the IMF to fix its economy (No. We don't need another loan. The Zupta's must go!)
  122. Gwede Mantashe: MPs who don't like our decision to keep Zuma can take a hike
  123. ANC MP Gungubele agrees to keep quiet on Zuma
  124. Rand under pressure on the back of Moody's report
  125. Zuma: The economy is under duress (Jacob, ask yourself why; you are the cause of it all)
  126. Don't pressure Hawks, NPA for state capture arrests - Hawks
  127. The ANC gave Edward Zuma 5 days to apologise for his Gordhan, Hanekom rant. But he's not budging
  128. Pikoli has no recollection of state capture case
  129. Malema: Mbeki wrong to deny existence of white monopoly capital (disturbing comment)
  130. Bell Pottinger hearing to be held in private (Bell Pottinger misses opportunity to show they are really sorry)
  131. BLF threatens to lay criminal charges against 18 banks for price fixing (really!)
  132. Edward Zuma I meant what I said in open letter (Commission deciding what action to take)
  133. EXCLUSIVE: Indian IT guru linked to fake WMC sites
  134. EXCLUSIVE: Top Zuma bodyguard in kickback scandal
  135. Motion of No Confidence: ANC will back Zuma - Steenhuisen
  136. Police criticised for failing to stop BLF harassment (epic fail)
  137. BLF opens case following amaBhungane disruption
  138. BREAKING: BLF disrupts journo event on state capture (breaking court order)
  139. Police must arrest those implicated in #GuptaLeaks - Mantashe (so arrest the Zupta's already)
  140. '10-year disaster' if state capture rot continues - Gordhan
  141. UJ students call Pravin Gordhan a sell-out
  142. Salim Essa and Trillian part ways
  143. Public Protector: DA has compromised Molefe investigation
  144. Exclusive: These Are The Charges Against ANC MP Makhosi Khoza
  145. Eskom inquiry: Unsustainable rot at state institutions - Over 50 people are involved in this "syndicate," including politicians
  146. Eskom irregular spend will make Trillian payments 'look like peanuts'
  147. Don’t assume Zuma is a Gupta lackey - Zikalala
  148. GuptaLeaks: European software giant caught in Gupta kick back deal (Software AG)
  149. Gupta owned newspaper published opinion pieces by Bell Pottinger under the name "John Britain," whom the publication described as a writer and social commentator
  150. Zuma: I've never sought residency outside of SA
  151. Zuma: I do not own property in Dubai
  152. #GuptaLeaks: Gupta spin machine commissioned BLF's Mngxitama
  153. Eskom employees get fat bonuses despite loss
  154. Eskom ‘bought’ coal mine for the Guptas
  155. Please don't do politics, Zuma tells Foundations
  156. Gigaba must resign to help 'uncapture' state - DA
  157. Zuma appointed construction company ahead of tender process - Nkandla hearings (isn't this fraud?)

Links between Business and the Zupta's:

List of businesses with links to the Zupta's:

Shame on you!
  • JIC Limited
  • Regiments Capital
  • Rentokil/BAE systems
  • ZPMC
  • JJ Trading (JJT)
  • CAJ News
  • Linkway Trading
  • Veribo (a PR firm based in Tel Aviv)
  • Bell Pottinger (a PR firm based in the UK)
  • CNET Infosystem (a PR firm based in India)
  • Export Development Canada (EDC)
  • Software AG
  • ABB
  • EOH
  • SAP
  • CAD House
  • Denel
  • KPMG
  • McKinsey
  • Transnet
  • Liebherr-International AG
  • Shanghai Zhenhua
  • Bank of Baroda
  • State Bank of India
  • Prasa
  • Swifambo Rail Leasing
  • VR Laser Asia
  • Poly Technologies (possibly)
  • Cricket South Africa (possibly)
  • Eskom
  • Trillian

You are welcome to let me know if there are any other related articles not listed here.

No confidence vote: Email Baleka Mbete:

With the following tool you can send an email to Mbete indicating whether you think she should declare the vote secret or open:

Use your Chrome browser to access the tool.

News article: No confidence vote: Email Baleka Mbete

No confidence vote: secret vote e-mail tool
No confidence vote: secret vote e-mail tool

Gupta-leaks.com (everything in one place):

News article: Gupta-leaks.com: Everything you ever need to know about #GuptaLeaks in one place


COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-07-27 (UPDATED ON 2017-08-14)
CNET Infosystem another Zupta PR Firm revealed

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Yes folks, a second PR firm has been connected to the Zupta’s. Thanks to the News24 team and their investigator’s CNET Infosystem located in India has been linked to several disinformation websites registered this year to promote the "white monopoly capital" (WMC) narrative.

CNET Infosystem logo

It seems that once Bell Pottinger pulled out of the Oakbay contract, the Zupta’s hired CNET Infosystem to continue their campaign to divide and concur South Africa. Perhaps they ran their campaigns in parallel, let’s wait and see what further investigations into this matter reveal.

I certainly hope and trust that the DA and civil society groups will take legal action against CNET Infosystem as they did with Bell Pottinger. Hopefully there is a PR authority in India that will take the matter seriously and bring CNET Infosystem to book.

Kapil Garg, CNET Infosystem chief executive and co-founder
Kapil Garg, CNET Infosystem chief executive and co-founder

It remains to be seen whether Kapil Garg, CNET’s chief executive and co-founder, will also apologise to us and whether they will discontinue business dealings with the Zupta’s.

Victoria Geoghegan and Kapil Garg
Victoria Geoghegan and Kapil Garg


COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-07-26 (UPDATED ON 2017-11-24)
Eskom owes us big electricity tariff reductions

Vote Data
Jean Ward

OUTA recently revealed that they have evidence supporting the fact that the 2008 and 2014 load shedding introduced by Eskom was self-inflicted. Massive tariff hikes followed each cycle of load-shedding. Where did the additional money Eskom received from the tariff increases go if not to maintenance and infrastructure upgrades?

Eskom logo

Following the GuptaLeaks it has become clear that the money was very likely used in numerous illicit business dealings between Eskom and the Zupta's and to enrich key stakeholders. Parliamentary hearings into the matter are currently being conducted.

Recently it has also been revealed that Eskom has spare generating capacity and already switched off 14 of its older coal power stations over weekends.

Will it be fair for us as civil society to demand appropriate tariff decreases or are we going to allow Eskom to pay employees the equivalent of R88 000 each in bonuses again?

SA's electricity tariffs are amongst the highest in the world.

Update since posting this comment:

In an interview on eNCA news tonight, 11 August 2017, Ted Blom of the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) suggested that Eskom should reduce electricity tariffs by at least 50% in the medium term.

The investigation by Nersa and Outa is ongoing.

Once all is said and done we want to see electricity tariffs drastically reduced by at least 50%.


POSTED ON 2017-06-28 (UPDATED ON 2017-07-05)

South African’s united against corruption and state capture

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Bell Pottinger locked its Twitter account on 25 June 2017 following sustained comments from SA citizens, well done ... let’s keep up the pressure. I see the contact information on the Bell Pottinger web site includes e-mail addresses. I would think that these would have been removed at the same time as the Twitter account was locked. Perhaps protesters will look into this option in the near future? I sent them an e-mail a few weeks ago and to date I have not received an acknowledgement or a reply. Funny, these guys claim to be a communications company, why don't reply to Tweets and e-mail's?

Bell Pottinger logo

The efforts of the Zupta’s and Bell Pottinger to cause hatred and divisions amongst us by coining terms like "white monopoly capital" and "radical economic transformation" has resulted in just the opposite effect; we are standing together now more than ever before. People from all races and backgrounds are openly talking about corruption and state capture. I guess this is one positive brought on by state capture. I think the last time we were as galvanised as a nation was when we won the ’95 Rugby World Cup.

It’s good to see OUTA is about to release a plan to fight state capture ahead of Zuma no-confidence vote. I hope Gerrie Nel joins them in the fight! At least institutions like the SARB and Chamber of Mines are also putting up a fight.


Probe into Bell Pottinger underway

Vote Data
Jean Ward

It’s official Bell Pottinger is being investigated for fuelling racial tension and inciting civil war in SA. The DA has lodged formal complaints against Bell Pottinger with both the UK-based Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) for allegations that they promoted racial hatred in South Africa. This is outstanding news.

Victoria Geoghegan, the wicked, contemptable person that single-handedly destroyed our country has been promoted to managing director at Bell Pottinger in recognition for her devious, evil planning and execution of a campaign to destroy our country.

Bell Pottinger Executive Victoria Geoghegan Picture: Twitter
Bell Pottinger Executive Victoria Geoghegan Picture: Twitter

The probe into Bell Pottinger will hopefully lead to the company’s business dealings being suspended and when found guilty of the allegations be barred, i.e. shut-down. They don’t seem at all phased with resent developments and even threw a summer party. Check out how malicious they really are.

I’ve decided to make my e-mail I sent to Bell Pottinger a couple of weeks ago public, here it is:

Subject: Deleted
From: Jean Ward (e-mail address removed)
To: info@bellpottinger.com
Reply-To: Jean Ward (e-mail address removed)
Date: 2017-06-06 10:36 AM

Recent e-mail leaks have exposed your company’s interference in South Africa’s political and financial landscape. As a reputation company should you not rather be focused on you clients brand and image, which includes good ethics and governance? Why did you get involved in our politics and finances?

Inciting violence and hatred and your company’s interference in our affairs has resulted in much suffering, heartache, anxiety and widespread hatred amongst our people. This is not what Nelson Mandela had in mind for this country and neither did we when we voted for change in 1994.

Terms like “White Monopoly Capital” and “Radical Transformation” have introduced attitudes of self-righteousness and self-enrichment in some who are now taking the law into their own hands, are making unreasonable demands, committing fraud and are engaged in ever increasing corrupt business dealings. Levels of violence, thuggery and crime in our country have also increased dramatically. What is really concerning is the recent spike in violence towards women and children.

Furthermore, thanks to your interference, our economy and political landscape are now in dire-straits, we've been reduced to Junk Status, are in a technical recession and unemployment is out of control. By the way, white South African’s are suffering just as much as people from other races; most of us don’t have stashes of cash and millions in bank accounts ... we work just as hard as anyone else for what we have.

Surely at some point in time, when advising your clients in SA, you must have realized you are going too far. Do you know how many of us are suffering financially as a result of bad, malevolent and misguided decisions our government has taken based on your guidance and advice? Our future and especially the future of our children looks bleak and it’s only getting worse. It will take decades to undo the harm that has been done.

With all due respect, do the right thing and pull out of your contracts with your clients in the South African Government and certain families that have an undue influence over our politicians. With the recent leaked e-mails surely you now realize that your company’s reputation is under threat. Perhaps things just got out of control as a result of undue pressure from your clientele. If you do pull out, remember that many other companies, e.g. ABSA, First National Bank etc. have done so too; nobody will blame you if you do. Come on gents, do the right thing! Spare the poor people and the children of SA from a miserable future.

Read the article below, I’m sure you’ll agree it is scathing:


Thank you for your consideration and time.


Jean Ward
A concerned South African Citizen


POSTED ON 2017-07-20 (UPDATED ON 2017-10-31)

It's official - we are in a recession now

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Thanks to the high levels of fraud and corruption from certain influential political and business leaders we are now in a recession. This sends a very negative signal to current and potential investors. How many more people are going to lose their jobs now?

Not only are we faced with state capture, junk status, the highest unemployment rate in decades, an overseas public relations company based in the UK apparently running/or tried to run our government, made-up terms like "white monopoly capital" and "radical economic transformation" in an effort to encourage hatred but recession too. Thank you so much Zupta's and now a meddling Mugabe!

Our children and the poor are now faced with a very, very bleak future. It will take decades to undo the harm caused to our people. This is not what Nelson Mandela had in mind for South Africa.

We, the normal citizens of the country from every walk of life, nationality and race, have been working so hard together to realise Madiba's vision for SA but in the background a few individuals have been breaking it down, pillaging billions which could have been used in building homes and in the provision of outstanding public services. It's such a disappointment that it has come to this. Hopefully when it all blows over we can recover and continue building a country in which we and our kids are assured a great, prosperous and happy future.

The wheels of justice have started turning. If the NPA does not do anything about the fraud and corruption I hope Gerrie Nel does. It's time for the guilty to be held accountable for their actions. I see the EFF is taking a different approach and they are laying charges with international organizations ... very smart.

The rule of nature: you reap what you sow.

Molefe, Gupta and Zuma - Oh the despair!
Molefe, Gupta and Zuma

Keep up to date with all of the investigative findings of the leaked Gupta e-mails here:


POSTED ON 2017-06-02

Prepping for the future

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Jean Ward

The recent downgrade of the country to junk status and the revelations of state capture have had many of us seriously concerned about our future, specifically our finances. Zuma continues to defy the sentiment of the majority of South African's and remains in power. He has become hostile and even threatening towards his own political party's leadership.

With Zuma's recent survival, yet again and the uncertainty of our economy, like many other people, I did some introspection and re-evaluated my financial situation. It was time to plan for the future and take proactive steps towards preparing for the worst. I looked at what I really need and what is just a nice to have. It was time to downscale.

First to go was life assurance, disability cover followed by downgrading from DStv Premium to Compact (if the need arises I'll cancel my DStv subscription altogether - DStv is taking advantage of us anyway. They've been implicated in price-fixing too). Thanks to the Gupta's, Zuma and his cronies and a dismal salary increase, yet again, I also decided to traded in my vehicle for a smaller, cheaper one and cut back on buying luxury items altogether and minimize eating out. This has freed up enough money to have a cushion should the economy take a nose dive, which I think it will.

On average our salaries have not kept up with inflation and as a matter of fact have decreased in value between 20% and 30%, if not more, over the past decade. At the rate things are going it's only going to get worse. Where I work we were promised, in writing, that our salaries will increase with a guaranteed 6% this year, we only got 4%. Go figure! We are currently disputing this with our top management.

It's really sad that it's come to this; let's just hope and pray that justice will be done. I wonder if the rumours that Gerrie "Bulldog" Nel might pursue the prosecution of the Zupta's is true ... be afraid, very afraid! Gerrie doesn't give up.

Advocate and Prosecutor Gerrie Nel
Advocate and Prosecutor Gerrie Nel

Many of us are concerned about our futures and financial well-being. My advice ... try to downscale. If you do, remember it's not your fault or as a result of something you've done wrong. Be a "prepper," it's become a reality. I'm sure nobody will blame you for doing so. The writing is on the wall!


Good-bye trusted buddy

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Jean Ward

Sadly I let my old friend go in favour of a smaller, cheaper vehicle in preparation for an uncertain future. I will miss my Porsche dearly, it's such a shame that our economy has deteriorated as much as it has, thanks to Zuma and the Gupta's allot of us are now faced with the stark reality of dark and uncertain times.

Anyway, I hope the next owner of my Porsche appreciates it as much as I did. I got myself a new Polo Vivo 1.6 Hatch, not as sporty and quick, but much cheaper to maintain and run. I guess I'll get used to the idea. One thing is certain, I will continue fighting against going under with our economy. Perhaps one day, who knows, we will return to better, more prosperous times.

New Polo Vivo 1.6 Hatch
New Polo Vivo 1.6 Hatch

Porsche Cayman Farewell
Porsche Cayman Farewell

POSTED ON 2017-05-03

Mounting evidence pointing to life on Mars

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Jean Ward

With our advances in technology we are discovering more and more physical and photographic evidence that is pointing to the possibility of life on the planet Mars.

Physical Evidence

A team of US meteorite hunters from the ANSMET project discovered the first Mars meteorite known as Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) in Antarctica on 27 December 1984. On 6 August 1996, David McKay (working for NASA), published an article in which claims are made that the meteorite possibly contains evidence of traces of life from Mars. Many scientists dismissed the idea at the time, however recently discovered meteorites from Mars include various fossils of once living bacterium. In November 2009 a team of scientists at Johnson Space Center, including David McKay, presented an argument that since their original paper was published further evidence of the presence of abundant fossil-like structures have been discovered in other Martian meteorites.

Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) meteorite structures
Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) meteorite structures

On 4 May 2010 at a NASA conference on astrobiology, David McKay presented new evidence that proposes the highlighted object in the photograph below is a biomorph, another fossil of a once-living bacterium found in a Mars meteorite.

Biomorph Fossil found in Mars meteorite
Biomorph Fossil found in Mars meteorite

Photographic Evidence

Surface photographs of Mars reveal that water flows on the planet’s surface at certain times in the year when conditions are right. Most scientists are of the opinion that where there’s water there’s a high likelihood of some sort of life, be it bacterium or the like.

Flowing water on Mars
Flowing water on Mars

Then there’s the famous and controversial photograph taken by the Curiosity Rover backward pointing camera showing what appears to be a humanoid figure working on the rover. Why did NASA only release this one photograph? Surely more photographs of the humanoid figure exist. Are they holding back on the photographs that show the figure directly? Maybe they knew what or who it was working on the rover and did not want to reveal what or who it was? Are there humans on Mars, sent there decades ago in the 60’s and 70’s under the guise of the NASA manned Moon missions or recently under a classified Black Project/s? Was this photograph released purely by accident or was it released deliberately by someone at NASA wanting the truth to be revealed, perhaps being too scared to release further information?

From February 2001 to March 2002 Gary McKinnon hacked into 16 NASA computers as well as dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Defence computers. He uncovered a list of officers’ names under the heading "Non-Terrestrial Officers." Are these so called "Non-Terrestrial Officers" also present on Mars?

Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover
Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover

Is it possible that there is actually microbial life on Mars, maybe even human and/or humanoid life? Evidence strongly suggests that there is.

The TV documentary series Ancient Aliens, specifically Season 11 and the episode entitled “Destination Mars,” delves into this subject in detail. It also includes compelling photographs of various artefacts found on the planet’s surface.

If you are interested in the UFO/Alien phenomenon I highly recommend you watch the series, specifically Season 11 and now the newly released Season 12 which delves more into contemporary subject matter and less into Ancient Alien Theory.

Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock

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Jean Ward

Scientists are puzzled by a white rock with a dark red low spot in the middle that “just plain appeared at that spot” on the planet where the rover is situated, says Steve Squyres, lead scientist of the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock
Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock

Two photographs taken by Opportunity 12 days apart showed only barren bedrock on mission day 3528 (in Mars time), however on day 3540, a photograph of the same area revealed a mysterious, doughnut-shaped rock (was not there before). Curious!

POSTED ON 2017-04-26

Hawaiian radio operator loud and clear on 11 m Band

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Jean Ward

On 22 April 2017 at around 09H30 a.m. I was tuning my rig through the 11 m Band and at 27355 kHz LSB I was totally surprised to copy a radio operator from Honolulu, Hawaii. HF propagation conditions were very good with very little QSB. His radio signal strength held at a steady S5 for at least an hour. At the same time a couple of guys from the US Pacific West Coast were coming through at signal strengths between S2 and S5.

Over the past couple of evenings tuning to Gander ATC on 8891 kHz USB has also produced some curious phenomenon. The signal echo's which probably means I'm receiving the station long-and-short path; this is strange given that the T-Index is as low as it is.

Keep listening, 11 m Band openings seem to occur sporadically from time to time. The EDZ antenna is oriented towards the Pacific Ocean favouring, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, US West Coast and Hawaii and it's doing a great job!

Although designed for use on the 11 m Band, the EDZ is an excellent general purpose receiving antenna for the entire HF Band from 100 kHz to well over 30 MHz. Tonight, 27 April 2017, Hawaii HF FAX on 11088.1 kHz boomed into my QTH at S7/S9 signal levels.

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