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POSTED ON 2017-04-18

Zuma more conceited and defiant than ever - advice from one person to another

Vote Data
Jean Ward

This past weekend Jacob revealed more about his character. In various addresses to church congregations and the like he asked people to pray for him (in parliament he doesn’t get sympathy and respect, in church he thinks he does cause the people keep quiet). He also came out with a scathing attack on protesters in KwaZulu-Natal, his home province, for taking part in anti-Zuma protests.

News Article: Zuma says we must “pray” that the country “should have good governance”

If I understand the teachings in the Bible correctly, leaders of a country should be respected as they are there to look out for the country’s citizens and their best interests. Respect is also earned and Zuma has not earned our respect, in fact he has lied to us and broken many laws including the Oath of Office and he continues to defy the constitution.

Late last week, on his birthday, he publically mocked protesters and the opposition parties for going to court to resolve legal disputes they have with him and his parliament; followed by his trademark ... "hee he he."

With all due respect Zuma read the Bible, specifically Proverbs, there you will discover for yourself what a true leader and good governance is all about. If you are open to its teachings you will do the right thing. Also, please don’t bring politics into the church!

Holy Bible

Proverbs 15v8: “The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.”

Proverbs 29v4: “By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.” Our country and its economy are unstable as a result of ... no justice, no law, greed and bribes.

Proverbs 29v2: “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” This is why people are protesting or “groaning.” We are not thriving, our country is in a mess as a result of your actions and words.

Proverbs 18v1: “People who do not get along with others are interested only in themselves; they will disagree with what everyone else knows is right.”

Other important verses:

  • Proverbs 29v16: “When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.”
  • Proverbs 15v9: “The LORD detests the way of the wicked, but he loves those who pursue righteousness.”
  • Proverbs 16v5: ”The LORD detests the proud; they will surely be punished.”

From just the few verses above things should become allot clearer and make allot more sense, don’t you think?

All-in-all it has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with what’s right.

My advice: step down, face justice, confess, repent and plead for forgiveness. You will be much happier and less tormented as a person.

People respect honesty and humility and they will forgive you in time.


Zuma tries to legitimise his fake "intelligence report"

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Last week a feeble attempt was made by the Hawks to try legitimise Zuma's so called "intelligence report" by arresting a young individual who apparently tried to put together funding for a coup (openly supplying his contact details, etc.). Apparently Zuma's name, amongst others, is on the list of people to be taken out. This attempt is clearly a tactic to divert attention away from the "intelligence report."

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan shows the Media the fake 'Intelligence Report'
Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan shows the Media the fake "Intelligence Report"

Well, we can see right through this feeble attempt to hide the truth, once again. Bad! Very, very bad! We've seen the so called "intelligence report;" it's really badly written and doesn't even look legitimate. Whoever wrote the document needs MS Word and English Grammar training; next time use a professional letter head too. What a joke!

Check out just two basic syntax error's: The spacing between the two hyphens in the dates differs and a full-stop in one case appears inside the quotation mark and in another outside the quotation mark (both these errors are very basic and don't get made by professional institutions, i.e. National Intelligence, etc.). Really!

Fake 'Intelligence Report' Errors
Fake 'Intelligence Report' Errors

COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-05-05 (UPDATED ON 2017-08-14)
Zuma and Mugabe – New Comedians from the South

Vote Data

Watch out Trevor Noah, here come Zuma and Mugabe and they are after your job as the funniest guys from the South.

Jacob Zuma hugging Robert Mugabe
Jacob Zuma hugging Robert Mugabe

Also, Zuma secretly admires Columnists and Journalists and wishes he could be one. He really wants to write so many pages and pages about democracy ... what a man!

Watch the video clip below (try to not fall off your chair):

Other stories:

Zuma addresses only receptive crowds

Vote Data
Jean Ward

The escalating protest actions and high levels of accompanying violence across South Africa demonstrate the level of anger people have with the Zuma presidency. The recent downgrade of the country to “junk” status has affected many people on a psychological level, leaving them feeling unimportant, useless and ignored forcing many of them to resort to protest action to be heard.

Zuma seems scared to address these angry crowds; he chooses only receptive crowds such as church congregations and the like. He gets the message but he refuses to resign because of the possibility that he will be prosecuted for the extensive list of charges against him. Furthermore, Zuma must feel really isolated at the moment with his back against the wall. The recent cancellation of the nuclear programme and pressure from the Russians who don’t care, the court order for him to explain why he fired Pravin and the upcoming vote of no confidence must also be resting heavily on his shoulders.

The question is, how long can he hold out before he cracks and when he does what will happen to us? Zuma, take accountability for your actions and resign before you go insane and cause even more irrevocable damage to the country and its people.

One thing is certain, protest action and violence will only escalate. One only needs to look at the track record of other country’s that have been reduced to “junk” status and have dictatorial leadership.


POSTED ON 2017-04-03

We will miss you dearly Pravin

Vote Data
Jean Ward

The future looks bleak for the South African economy following the axing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan last week. When I first heard the news I really thought it was an early April Fool’s joke; sadly not. For months now Pravin has managed to save us from Junk Status, not an easy feat. One thing is certain, shower head has gone too far this time. I’d love to see him get a word in edge wise when parliament reconvenes for its next session.

It remains to be seen if any action will be taken against this total joke of a president. Who can take this guy seriously any longer? Investors, please ignore this idiot. Hopefully he will disappear off the scene and face up to his hundreds of charges in court very soon.

Number one, listen up, we’ve had enough! Your corruption and blatant lies stink like a drunkards’ vomit on a cars dashboard. Do the right thing and step down! Listen to “your” people! What you have done will impact most severely on the poor people that voted for you.

Jacob, make the so called "intelligence report" alleging collusion against you public so we can judge for ourselves. From what we’ve heard the report is unprofessional and badly written. Probably compiled by one of your clever big bosses.

Parvin, we solute you! You did an outstanding job at defending our economy under very difficult and stressful times. You never took your eye of the ball and always did what was best for our country. We are so sorry to see you go. You don’t deserve what happened to you. Please know that the vast majority of South African’s are worried now that you are no longer at the helm of Treasury. You are the man! It would be great if you or Thuli Madonsela could take over the presidency next.

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan
Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela
Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela

COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-04-04 (UPDATED ON 2017-08-12)
South Africa thrown to the dogs

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Well Zuma, you did it. You reduced South Africa to junk status by your actions. The S&P ratings agency awarded us junk status with the remaining ratings agencies to follow suite. What an insult to a once proud nation, a rainbow nation. Nelson Mandela would turn in his grave if he could. Jacob, you’re a total disgrace to this country and its people.

Yesterday afternoon just before the bad news hit Malusi Gigaba, new Minister of Finance since 31 March 2017, previously serving as Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Public Enterprises made a very irresponsible statement by saying that he viewed junk status as no problem as it is only temporary and that he has total confidence in the South African economy. With all due respect Malusi, what do you know about running the country's finances, you've only been in office for a day now. Besides what you don't realise is that the country is in a very bad place right now.

Looking at the track record of other countries, e.g. Brazil, Russia, etc. that have been downgraded to junk status before, the following will now happen:

  1. Inflation will increase;
  2. Interest rates will increase;
  3. Growth will slow down often followed by recession;
  4. Job shedding will increase;
  5. Disposable income will decline rapidly;
  6. Retirement investments will be negatively impacted;
  7. The 1T Rand you are bragging about is worth less now which means there is less money to provide services to the people;
  8. Social unrest and revolt will follow.

It will take years for ratings agencies and investors to regain trust in our country again and that can only happen after we can prove we are politically stable for an extended period of time.

Zuma, you will be most likely go down in history as the worst South African president ever. You have betrayed each and every one of us. What are you going to say to the poor people that support you now? You probably don’t care. The damage you have done will take decades to repair.

"You have touched us on our studio!"

What is really worrying is that many people don't seem to realise the danger we are in, thinking this will pass by quickly or that it is not a serious matter. Sorry it does not work that way; we are dealing with international ratings agencies and investors here, not local business and local investors only.

Also, today Gigaba admitted to knowing about the downgrade last week already, however yesterday he stated that "how can one man cause a rating downgrade" knowing full well it had already happened. If he can withhold the truth in this matter can we really fully trust him going forward?

Here is an interesting bit of news: It seems Zuma was forced to fire Pravin as "commission" for a nuclear deal was apparently already paid over to him and Pravin was in the way of getting the deal approved and signed: "Gordhan said to have spooked Russian connection on nuclear deal."


We are not "junk" people

Vote Data
Jean Ward

The country being reduced to junk status recently has left many people, including myself, feeling somewhat personally touched; a feeling of uselessness and worthlessness occupies our thoughts.

White Dove

Trying to resolve this matter and search for answers keeps us awake at night. The truth is this downgrade is not as a result of something we did; it's not due to some shortcoming on our part.

This was caused by one man that has been overcome by greed and selfishness.

I've decided not to let this downgrade to junk status make me feel like a "junk" person. We are in actual fact all God's children and none of us are worthless or useless in our Father's eyes.

The wheels of justice turn slowly sometimes, but they turn!

Zuma continues to harm South Africa and its people

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Yesterday Zuma stated that racism is still a major problem in South Africa following the recent anti-Zuma protests last week Friday where posters depicting bananas were displayed.

Save South Africa logo

Jacob, the posters are symbolic and are actually depicting a "banana republic," see the definition, it's a political science term. Read up about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. See the posters in the context they were meant. Your actions have made South Africa a "banana republic." There is no race issue here. Blacks and whites were protesting peacefully and in unity against you.

You are being opportunistic and sensationalist with your irresponsible behaviour and comments. Stop causing our country and its people further harm! Stop downplaying the downgrade, it’s a very serious matter! You might as well accept the fact that what you witnessed last week Friday is going to continue and it is going to escalate. This is what happened in other downgraded countries.


From just the few recent news articles listed below one can quite easily surmise that South Africa is absolutely divided. I wonder how our socio-economic and political landscape will look in a few months from now:

POSTED ON 2017-03-15 (UPDATED ON 2017-10-05)

"New" Rules of the Road yet to be published?

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Driving on South African roads can be a huge challenge and there is never a dull moment.

Despite existing Rules of the Road it seems many drivers have decided to substitute these rules with their own, changing them randomly and on the fly.

I was taught that when you drive you need drive for yourself and every other driver around you. Nowadays this is more relevant than ever. If you value your life and the lives of those around you, you need to adapt or die.

I'll mention a few examples of "new" Rules of the Road:

  • Stuck in a traffic jam? No problem, drive in the emergency lane and if traffic in that lane comes to a standstill, drive in the veld next to the emergency lane; or even better, drive in a lane for cars travelling in the opposite direction. When you get to an intersection, forcibly push in and as an after-thought maybe use a turn indicator. No need to wait for a gap. Other drivers will let you in, no problem. After all we all value our cars and don’t want bumps and scratches all over them.
  • Stuck in traffic standing still at a green light and other drivers have stopped not to jam up the intersection, no problem, push in and block the intersection so when it turns green for other drivers they can’t move. They will do the same and there we will sit and have plenty of time to enjoy the view.
  • Need to turn left, right or stop, use emergency yield lights. That way you can do either or all without giving it a second thought. Who wants to be burdened with using an indicator lever?
  • Turn only lanes are perfect for quickly passing slow traffic and pushing in in-front where there’s plenty of space.
  • Drive slowly in the right-hand lane on the freeway, after all the left hand lane is the new fast lane. “Keep right, pass left.” While you’re in the right hand lane, try not to drive faster than 80km/h. This saves fuel and it gives on-lookers time to check out your cool wheels. You should also use your cell phone, it looks cool too.
  • Fit at least two sub-woofers in your cars boot, this will make it possible to play your music loud enough not to hear anything around you, especially in emergency situations.
  • Hoot all the time, this adds to the pleasant ambiance of the whole driving experience.


POSTED ON 2017-03-15

Dropped the old dynamic Blog, gone static HTML only

Vote Data
Jean Ward

My version of a Blog is now done. It's as close to my previous WordPress Blog as I'm going to get it; anyway it integrates seamlessly into my website.

HTML 5 Logo

I created this Blog using HTML, CSS, PHP, JSON and JavaScript.

Regrettably I was forced to delete my WordPress Blog last week due to a constant onslaught and abuse from Spammers.

I'll implement more aesthetic changes and enhancements to the Blog from time to time.

POSTED ON 2017-03-07

Preoccupation with mobile phones (what's up with that)?

Vote Data
Jean Ward

I realize this Post deals with a very controversial topic, however in defense of all those negatively impacted by mobile phone and Social Media addiction I felt compelled to write this article anyway.

Fortunately there are many people that use mobile phones and Social Media sensibly. This Post is strictly based on my observations, experience and opinion. No specific individual/s or group/s is being targeted:

Remember the 80's, the big hair, Alice bands, takkies, the great music, disco's and everyone was friendly and willing to engage in a chat. Well I'm afraid those days are gone, missing in action!

Impact on inter-personal relationships

Have you ever sat in a restaurant or in a social environment? Notice how many people never look up, always busy on their mobile phones? What's really of concern is how couples sitting across one another do the same, never saying a word to each other; maybe just the odd "yes" or another one or two word response. Even with kids around, begging for attention.

I often wonder whether these people realize how fortunate they are to have a partner and/or kids. How about everything they miss, i.e. the view, nature, birds singing, kids playing, a potential friend or partner? How about meeting someone face-to-face if you're lonely. Put down the phone and look up and smile, you might be pleasantly surprised?

There are many questions that need to be answered and many draw-backs that need to be considered, I'll only mention a few that come to mind:

There is a segment of Social Media users that often post fake information about themselves and the photographs they feature on their profiles may not be genuine either. Why even bother checking them out? They are trying to lure innocent, non-suspecting individuals.

Mobile phone and Social Media addiction is getting worse by the day; some use their phones to do the chatting and mediation, like a butler who acts like a messenger. Almost as if they don't want to deal with issues, rather have the phone do it. Maybe others don't know how to interact face-to-face any longer.

Relationships are under mounting pressure, more now than ever before and many are breaking up because of mobile phone and Social Media addiction. People are getting hurt, feel ignored, cheated on and no longer feel important or loved. It hurts, I know. It may even irritate others, leading to fights and arguments.

Mobile Phone and Social Media Addiction
Mobile Phone and Social Media Addiction

Whatever happened to making an old fashioned phone call, speaking to another person directly or face-to-face. After all we are human beings, not machines, some form of technology or Big Data source. We are social beings that need to interact with others, not with technology.

Potential Risks

Every word we type, photo we upload, every "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" you select, visit you make, etc. is saved on a server/s somewhere, even if our Profiles are blocked. Social Media companies make this data, they call it Big Data, available to intelligence agencies, psychoanalysis, marketing analysts who use Social Media Analytics Tools and sophisticated algorithms that learn and improve, at a fee (making money off our personal data and online trends).

Besides that, with just a few clicks, posts and messages, you could give away enough personal information to compromise your privacy and even open yourself up to identity theft.

There are also health and safety risks to consider while using your mobile phone, i.e. while driving, crossing a street or just walking down stairs for example. Many, fatalities accidents and injuries occur because of a preoccupation with mobile phones. What we post online can turn around and just as easily bite us, just recently several incidents in this regard have been in the news. People have been summarily dismissed from work and taken to court for hate speech.

With all due respect, go ahead and use your mobile phone and Social Media. Use it wisely, sensibly, with consideration and sensitivity towards those around you.

COMMENT POSTED ON 2017-03-15 (UPDATED ON 2017-08-19)
Trying to give up a Social Media addition?

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Trying to give up a Social Media addition, here might be a solution. Nokia is re-releasing its iconic Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310

It comes with zero apps for accessing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

You can't install any modern messaging app. So forget about WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and anything like them.

All my smart phones, past and present, have only been used to make and receive calls and to send and receive SMS's anyway.

Heck, I'm getting one just for the battery life alone.

Check it out!

Android co-founder has a plan to cure our smartphone addiction (2017-08-18):

Andy Rubin, Android co-founder, acknowledges the downsides to the smartphone revolution he helped unleash when he spotted an all-too-familiar tableau: a couple on what seemed to be a first date taking pictures of their food and then losing themselves in their smartphones for the next 10 minutes.


He says his new hardware company, Essential, is working on ways to solve the tendency to check one's phone every five minutes. "We all lived happy lives before we had always-on internet." This week marks the debut of Essential's first gadget.

The Essential Phone runs the same Android OS as Google's Pixel and will use artificial intelligence to change the way people interact with their devices, in part by outsourcing some of the more tedious tasks to an algorithm.

POSTED ON 2017-03-05

An Awesome Drakensberg Mountain Getaway

Vote Data
Jean Ward

Leave the daily hustle and bustle behind and try this perfect getaway to Cathedral Peak Hotel, located in the Drakensberg Mountain Range (a World Heritage Site).

Cathedral Peak Drakensberg Mountain Range
Cathedral Peak Drakensberg Mountain Range

Cathedral Peak Hotel Main Entrance
Cathedral Peak Hotel Main Entrance

Cathedral Peak Hotel Landscape View
Cathedral Peak Hotel Landscape View

Not only is it a nature lovers paradise, it offers a wide range of fun activities, including a helicopter ride to one of the nearby mountain tops where you get dropped off to spend a couple of hours on your own enjoying a picnic and of course a spectacular view of the Drakensberg Mountain Range.

Cathedral Peak Drakensberg Mountain range Helicopter Ride
Cathedral Peak Drakensberg Mountain range Helicopter Ride

Cathedral Peak Drakensberg Mountain Helicopter Ride View
Cathedral Peak Hotel Main Entrance

The hotel is steeped in history, starting in 1939 when the van der Riet family first established the hotel.

Cathedral Peak Hotel History
Cathedral Peak Hotel History

I highly recommend a getaway at this awesome hotel, she staff are very friendly, the service top notch, great buffet meals and the view just can't be beaten.

Hotel webcam one:

Hotel webcam two:

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